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Celebrating the talent of Rome & Northwest Georgia


Hello, I'm Mullins and this is the coolest picture of me that I could find.

I'm the guy in the swim trunks.


Celebrating the creative community of Rome and Northwest Georgia.

Who am I?  I'm Bryan Mullins. I am from Rome, Georgia, USA and enjoy living here still. One day my dad said, "Would you like me to show you how to build a website?" I said, "Yes, that would be great." Then he showed me. I was glad.
What is this?  It was apparent to me what the site would be about: to celebrate and inform people about the rich arts and music scene here in Northwest Georgia. Fortunately, the local scene and it's history are so rich that I have yet to get bored with the subject, especially since more talent seems to either arrive or blossom here each year.
 Get listed.  If you are a Northwest Georgia based artist and/or musician that is yet to be added to this website, please shoot me an e-mail. It's best to have a web presence that I can link to so folks can find out more about your skills.
The name.  When I was a kid, my dad brought home a "camcorder" and my mom, sister, and I immediately began making silly skits called "Mullins Mania." So the name is a bit of  homage to those good ole days, plus it's pretty easy to remember (for me anyway).
Summary.  I like people and the creative things that they are able to do. is here to celebrate and foster these people and their passions.


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