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Celebrating the talent of Rome & Northwest Georgia


Hello, I'm Mullins and this is the coolest picture of me that I could find.

I'm the guy in the swim trunks.


Celebrating the creative community of Rome and Northwest Georgia.

     Once upon a time I was aware of all the fun stuff to do in our fair city of Rome, GA. My friends and I would frequent the local establishments and basically have a blast all over Rome and all over Northwest Georgia. A few years back I unfortunately fell out of the loop and stopped paying attention to what was going on. But this never stopped people from asking me what was going on, so I started this website.
     The goal is to create a resource that will keep the community (and myself) in the know about local events focusing primarily on nightlife, music and culture, and entertainment.
     I know Mullins Mania is a silly name. When my sister and I were kids, my dad brought home a video camera and we immediately began filming a series of shows and skits called "Mullins Mania." So the name is a bit of  homage to those good ole days, plus it's pretty easy to remember (for me anyway.)
     So go ahead and put Mullins Mania in your favorites so we can help each other keep everybody else in the know about cool things that are going on. I hate finding out about great times after the fact. Actually, I don't really hate it at all. I love it when people have good times, whether I'm there or not. But I'd rather have the option of joining in if it is indeed my cup of tea.



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